DesMch3 (21:59:21): did you do a 'top 10' for me ?
owls mcgee (21:59:38): No, busy, busy.
DesMch3 (21:59:43): pfff!
owls mcgee (21:59:46): I will though.
owls mcgee (21:59:50): here it is.
DesMch3 (21:59:54): ah, er, ok
owls mcgee (22:00:03): You can use the IM as the html.
DesMch3 (22:00:21): 5 good and 5 corresponging bad
owls mcgee (22:00:25): that match?
DesMch3 (22:00:27): the rule is
DesMch3 (22:00:31): yup!
DesMch3 (22:00:36): that match
owls mcgee (22:00:53): That will be harder. I will just be really self promoting.
DesMch3 (22:01:04): ah ah
owls mcgee (22:01:11): But self promotion is no fun, really.
DesMch3 (22:01:19): oh oh
owls mcgee (22:01:28): For example: is IN.
DesMch3 (22:01:36): sure
owls mcgee (22:01:38): is OUT.
DesMch3 (22:01:50): we knew that, eryk
owls mcgee (22:01:58): that was for practice.
DesMch3 (22:01:59): 4 to go!
DesMch3 (22:02:44): you don't surf enough to do it...
owls mcgee (22:03:03): I know. This is the problem!
DesMch3 (22:03:20): you don't have a net connection at all
owls mcgee (22:03:33): Its a lie.
DesMch3 (22:03:45): ok, like at chess I put the timer on
owls mcgee (22:03:48): Okay, flash websites.
owls mcgee (22:03:52): In:
owls mcgee (22:04:00): out:
DesMch3 (22:04:39): fine I don't know oculart yet
owls mcgee (22:04:48): its flash, I'll warn you.
DesMch3 (22:05:14): it looks scary but cool (for flash)
owls mcgee (22:05:22): in:
owls mcgee (22:05:29): out:
DesMch3 (22:06:09): just because you know I love mcsweeneys
owls mcgee (22:06:32): Its like if McSweeneys was streamable! Except Better!
DesMch3 (22:06:57): the point of mcsweeneys is NOT being streamable
DesMch3 (22:07:11): well, actually I like it but never read it, so there.
owls mcgee (22:07:25): Right, my point exactly.
owls mcgee (22:07:42): Also, this american life, you can listen and do other things online. Its all about multitasking.
DesMch3 (22:07:46): we agree, kinda
owls mcgee (22:07:48): out: yahoo in: google.
owls mcgee (22:07:52): Is that cheap?
owls mcgee (22:07:57): Never mind that one.
DesMch3 (22:07:59): that's last year!
owls mcgee (22:08:05): Yeah. Hmmm.
DesMch3 (22:08:21): now what next, cnn ?!
owls mcgee (22:08:26): hahaha.
owls mcgee (22:08:29): In:
owls mcgee (22:08:51): out: once again, the guggenheim.
DesMch3 (22:09:15): what's misterpants ? the lesbo rawk label ?
owls mcgee (22:09:25): Hahaha. No. It's a blog.
owls mcgee (22:09:50): It's a great blog. It beats the guggenheim again because the guggenheim is really just an analog blog.
DesMch3 (22:09:54): er, damn.
DesMch3 (22:10:06): no lesbos there
owls mcgee (22:10:17): The guggenheim is wondering how it can curate good websites. Misterpants is already doing it.
DesMch3 (22:10:19): maybe jon ippolito is one
DesMch3 (22:10:51): yes, so 2 more and no more guggs
owls mcgee (22:11:09): Can;t I just do five websites and have the out be all the guggenheim?
owls mcgee (22:11:25): Also, I gave four links.
DesMch3 (22:11:45): there were too many guggenheims
DesMch3 (22:12:12): but, ok... if that is all you surf all day!
owls mcgee (22:12:20): well, no. Hold on.
DesMch3 (22:12:22): ah ah.
owls mcgee (22:12:26): I am going to look at my bookmarks.
DesMch3 (22:12:36): bookmarks: out
DesMch3 (22:12:40): brain: in
owls mcgee (22:12:44): All I do is look at the guggenheim website, then a good website, then back to the guggenheim.
DesMch3 (22:13:02): it's some kind of thermometer of uncool
owls mcgee (22:13:42): okay. IN: Palindromes,
owls mcgee (22:13:50): out, that other thing.
owls mcgee (22:14:01): Anagrams.
DesMch3 (22:14:26): yes, too greek
owls mcgee (22:14:32):
owls mcgee (22:14:47): there, that's out. We played with that back on 7-11, in the day.
DesMch3 (22:15:14): 7-11, is that still going on ?
DesMch3 (22:15:24): I unsubbed a yr ago
owls mcgee (22:15:35): I have no idea. we played with anagrams on 7-11 in like 1998.
DesMch3 (22:15:46): wait: you have to list a few "mainstays"
DesMch3 (22:15:56): like
owls mcgee (22:16:02): Mainstays? Like, the perenially cool?
DesMch3 (22:16:06): or
DesMch3 (22:16:15): anything by me will do
owls mcgee (22:16:17): like
DesMch3 (22:16:24): nah
DesMch3 (22:16:34): that's so guggenheimish
owls mcgee (22:16:49): is the best site on the web, ever.
DesMch3 (22:17:04): granted
owls mcgee (22:17:26): okay; as a personal aside, is IN, is OUT.
DesMch3 (22:17:30): it's a mcsweeneys with pics
owls mcgee (22:17:55): one38 is also younger, ie, most of the people who write for one38 are between 18 and 23.
DesMch3 (22:17:55): lemme see, what's rhizome ?!
DesMch3 (22:18:26): oh I see: rhizome don't ship to france
owls mcgee (22:18:48): mainstay:
DesMch3 (22:19:16): it's slow to load
DesMch3 (22:19:37): actually, it does not
DesMch3 (22:19:43): load
DesMch3 (22:19:52): I guess it's the concept
owls mcgee (22:20:38): hmm. Its a good page. try this one then:
owls mcgee (22:20:50):
DesMch3 (22:21:23): indeed!
DesMch3 (22:22:04): oh I have birdwatching now
owls mcgee (22:22:12): So that is the list then, ins and outs. Just save this conversation as an html document and its done.
DesMch3 (22:22:18): anything you want to add ?
owls mcgee (22:22:27): Also, is where the bird logo came from, fro one38.
owls mcgee (22:22:51): No, not really. Maybe this:
DesMch3 (22:22:54): is it an owls mcgee entry or somebody else ?
owls mcgee (22:23:01):
owls mcgee (22:23:09): What?
DesMch3 (22:23:31): what name should I use ?
owls mcgee (22:23:32): It is me, eryk salvaggio.
owls mcgee (22:23:37): I have no shame!
DesMch3 (22:23:46): me neither,
DesMch3 (22:23:52): hi, I'm frederic madre
DesMch3 (22:24:13): file saved